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Platform Engineer at Nested

London · Full Time
We're using technology to reinvent the broken property system from the ground up. Read More
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Job Description

Looking for an exciting opportunity to influence the development and deployment platform of a quickly growing start-up?

Become part of our early technical operations team and help shape our team, practices, platform and culture from the very beginning.

Learn more about the role and apply here:

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What We're Building

No one has ever said anything good about the process of selling a home. Unclear valuations, broken chains and untrustworthy estate agents are just some of the pieces that add up to make selling your home one of the most stressful things you do in your life.

At Nested, our vision is to reinvent this broken system from the ground up and build one of the defining tech companies of our generation. We want to give every UK home-owner a fair offer on their home in minutes. We want broken property chains to be a thing of the past. We want to introduce people to an estate agent they can finally trust.

This is an ambitious goal and it needs an equally ambitious team. Our founders have previously built GoCardless and Songkick, and we’re backed by Europe’s leading VCs and entrepreneurs. Our growth trajectory shows we’re onto something big and we’re looking for exceptional people excited by the prospect of building something that matters to join the team.

Nested Team

Phil Cowans
Technologist with an interest in creating and leading highly productive teams. Co-founder and CTO at Nested.
James Turford
Co-founder & COO of Nested, the new prop tech company providing certainty to home sellers. AD at PEP, Australia's largest PE fund. BA at McKinsey & Co.
Matt Robinson
Co-founder of Nested. Co-founder and board member at GoCardless.
Matthew Dempsey
UX/UI Designer & entrepreneurial product person, looking for something new
Claudiu Octavian Soare
Data Engineer @Nested , previously founded @Suzu Technologies, backed by @Entrepreneur First. CompSci @University of Bristol
Taimur Abdaal
maths & stats @ Oxford, data scientist/designer
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Nested Investors

Errol Damelin
I'm a serial entrepreneur and active angel investor. I live in London but invest globally. I enjoy thinking like an investor and executing like a Founder.
Paul Forster
Tech investor - early stage.
Dan Jones
Entrepreneur now stage agnostic venture investor - $100k - $50m
Dr. Ricardo Schäfer
Early Stage Investor Fin & Proptech focus Previously: Cherry Ventures, Seedcamp