Jobs at Nectar

Internet of things

At Nectar, we are a team of passionate entrepreneurs, designers, artists and engineers working on a new connected device category. We are looking for dreamers and doers who love creating amazing experiences.

What We're Building

At Nectar we are building the future of replenishment. Nectar caps automatically reorder your essentials before you run out. Today, we are focussed on a pourer and stopper that uses ultra-sound to automate inventory & reduce shrinkage.

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Jobs at Nectar

Nectar Team

Aayush P
Founding CEO, Nectar Co-founder, ($CHGG)
PJ Gurumohan
Co-founder (Nectar, Genwi)
Shiva Pandit
16+ years of realtime embedded software development, entrepreneur at heart, love startup environment/challenges, linux, android, device drivers
Nicholas Fraser
Lead Mechanical Design Engineer Working at startup company Nectar. 8 years experience on wearables and smartphones at Motorola. Proficient in ProE
John Adelus
A passionate software technologist who has worked for several cutting edge startups including WebTV and General Magic as well as a three-time co-founder.
Marc Meszaros
@Nectar • Engineer at @Allay • Engineer at 5by (Acquired by @StumbleUpon) • Engineer at @Openera (Acquired by @LiveQoS)
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