Jobs at Nectar

Internet of things

At Nectar, we are a team of passionate entrepreneurs, designers, artists and engineers working on a new connected device category. We are looking for dreamers and doers who love creating amazing experiences.

What We're Building

Building a new connected device category, more to come later.

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Jobs at Nectar

Nectar Team

Aayush Phumbhra
Co-founder (Nectar, Chegg $CHGG), Angel Investor, Foodie, Tennis Fan.
PJ Gurumohan
Co-founder (Nectar, Genwi)
Shiva Pandit
16+ years of realtime embedded software development, entrepreneur at heart, love startup environment/challenges, linux, android, device drivers
Nicholas Fraser
Mechanical Design Engineer Started new role at startup company Nectar. 8 years experience working on wearables and smartphones at Motorola. Proficient in ProE
John Adelus
A passionate software technologist who has worked for several cutting edge startups including WebTV and General Magic as well as a three-time co-founder.
Marc Meszaros
@Nectar • Engineer at @Allay • Engineer at 5by (Acquired by @StumbleUpon) • Engineer at @Openera (Acquired by @LiveQoS)
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