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Contextual data management for life scientists.

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What We're Building

Nebulab is a data management solution that allows researchers to add context (e.g. tags, attachments, comments, links) to their data, making it easier to search for, verify, and share research. We are also the only data management solution designed to layer over the workflows and consumer apps that researchers. Nebulab can therefore act as the interface to all their stored data.

Researchers will also be able to publicly share their data directly, fulfilling NIH and NSF requirements. But because their data now comes with context, it becomes easier to search, verify, and cite data in public domain as well. And as more and more data gets shared and published by our users, we can create the largest, most connected and accessible database of biomedical research in the world, thereby accelerating scientific discovery in unprecedented ways.

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Nebulab Team

Dayman Novaes
Software Engineer and Founder of the First Web Development Course at UFMG.
Ícaro Harry
Full-stack developer and entrepreneur. Working at Nebulab and studying Information Systems at UFMG

Nebulab Investors

Damian Manning
Hacker, investor & serial entrepreneur. Founder & CEO, @Hifi. Venture Partner, @DEV. Co-founder & CEO, @Echospin (acquired '10). VP, Digital, MTV. 16 patents.

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