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I spent over five years as a professional venture investor where I met with over 5000 companies and was involved in $250M+ in venture investment. I also co-founded Rough Draft Ventures, a student based venture fund that has invested in 70+ companies. I recently moved to the operating side as the founder of B12, but I still plan to support the most exceptional entrepreneurs I meet as an individual angel investor.

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Nitesh Banta
Co-founder and CEO @b12 and angel Investor. Previously investor @general-catalyst and co-founder at @rough-draft-ventures-1, @getaround, @summerworkation.
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Babak Nivi
Founder of @angellist and @venture-hacks · Investor in @uber · Advisor to @dropbox
Jeff Fagnan
Founder at @fka; founder of @tugg-org / @veracode / @boss / Spearhead / @ml / board of @angellist / incubated @carbonblack (CBLK)
Naval Ravikant
Seed Fund
Sweat: @angellist , @venture-hacks @vast @epinions ; Money: @twitter @heyzap @uber
Lisa Rich
Founder@Xplore Founder@Hemisphere Ventures Founder@BrainyQuote, Strategist, Speaker, Frontier Tech investor in synthetic biology, robotics, drones and space.
Noah Belkin
Co-founder of BayLite Capital, owner of South American hospitality chain & active philanthropist. Angel Investor in 100+ startups
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“I was raised by a single mother and am 1 of 6 children in a blended family. I come from a unique background in the sense that I have a very wealthy side of...more
David Mandel
Full time investor following a 28 year career as founder/operator, with 4 exits. See full bio:
Nitin Agarwal
Founder & CEO at I also invest in startups.
Harold Mechelynck
Angel Investor
Founder of Ogone, Brussels based, smart money investor.
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