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Rethinking mobile web navigation through AI

Your work in the hands of millions. Navi is building an AI-enabled embeddable smart feed that empowers millions of readers to easily access context relevant stories and experiences. We are an early-stage Google For Entrepreneurs alumni startup with vast ambitions. Be part of a passionate team that's rethinking how we navigate the digital world. Read More
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What We're Building

Navi is an AI bot that helps publishers engage, retain and monetize their mobile web audience. We empower their readers to easily navigate to more stories and experiences they care about, without leaving the website.

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Navi Team

Adeel Zaman
Founder and CTO @ Navi. The toughest problems are the ones worth solving. Entrepreneur by trade, Mathie at heart. Deep Learning Enthusiast.
Marylin Ma
Co-founder and CEO of Navi. Startup advisor. Navi is building the world's first embeddable smart feed that improves mobile web stickiness using AI.

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