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It's time to get outside!

India’s first, and only community for outdoor travellers, Naturenama enables more people to enjoy the magnificent wilderness. It’s time to get outside!

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What We're Building

Naturenama is the bridge between you and the great outdoors. Whether it is a nature walk, a safari in the African bush or a trek through the frozen Himalaya - we ensure you have the best experience possible.

At Naturenama, we understand exactly what’s missing today and with our platform we plan to fill the many gaps in the fragmented market that is outdoor travel. We work with verified partners from across the world and provide a seamless travel experience to our customers.

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Naturenama Team

Shaunak Modi
Founder @Naturenama Travel • Tech • Conservation

Naturenama Investors

Prerak mehta
Entrepreneur | Angel Investor | Start-Up Enthusiast | All things Tech | Digital Marketing | Alumni - Carnegie Mellon University
Rohit Chokhani
Real Estate | Infrastructure | Hospitality | Funding | Philanthropy Alumni - University of Reading | Newcastle Business School | London School of Economics