Nathan Lands

CEO & Co-Founder of QuickCoin. Entrepreneur & Investor. Created Gamify & by Badgeville).

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What I Do

I've been involved in the game industry since the age of 15, having raised over $10 million for my previous startups such as GameStreamer, Gamify and by Badgeville).

I'm interested in growing my eSports company SponsorOP, as well as advising and investing in startups.


Co-created one of the top 10 guilds in the world on the original EverQuest.

Traveled Asia in early 20's, studied Mandarin, as well as acted in some TV commercials in Taiwan.

Raised over $10 million for my previous startups.

Advised and consulted several game companies with positive results, one of which included helping David Perry @ Gaikai on early business strategy for the company. Later they were acquired for $380 million.

Helped create the momentum behind the gamification trend. When I started Gamify, there were 0 google results for the term. I created it and helped seed the term to the media, starting at a private party at E3 2010. After my contact used the term in story titles, it began to be seen all over the place.

Created which I built into the largest resource for the gamification trend, with translations in over 14 languages. Sold to Badgeville in 2012.

Mentor for Peter Thiel's 20 under 20 program.

Happily married to my wonderful wife, Noriko.

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