Nate Derby

Business Forecasting Statistician

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What I Do

I like to take statistical models from academia and apply them to the business world, including automating various processes. I also like to educate clients on what they're gaining from advanced statistics, using language they understand.


I got a partnership for our company with SAS Software (, becoming the only partner in Seattle and one of only eight in the Pacific Northwest.

I built 5 custom SAS macros and 2 open-source ones (, including one with over 2000 downloads (B2B) that won numerous awards (

I co-chaired the 2009 Pacific Northwest SAS Users Group conference (, started the Puget Sound SAS Users Group ( and am on the steering committees of the Vancouver SAS Users Group ( and the newly-formed Insurance and Finance SAS Users Group (

I've written over 20 technical consulting reports for 9 organizations (

I've given over 50 SAS presentations in the US and Canada, writing 12 papers and getting six awards (see

I taught probability at the University of Washington and taught 3 SAS seminars at numerous conferences (

What I'm Looking For

We primarily serve mid-sized financial institutions who need analytics but typically can't get them because of resource issues (e.g., buying expensive software, hiring experienced statisticians/programmers). Our secondary target market is retail.