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Platform supporting the data economy

Narrative is building the first global data marketplace. It has often been said that data is the new currency. Unfortunately, maximizing the value of data is often easier said than done. On one side, transacting via individual point to point integrations carries a lot of overhead in both business development and technical integration efforts. On the other, going through big aggregators introduces opacity in the pricing and provenance of the data. At Narrative, we help our customers get value from their data by building a central auction platform to reduce the friction and tooling to increase the transparency in this process.

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What We're Building

Narrative is building a platform to support modern businesses who want to buy and/or sell their data assets. The thesis is that there is a burgeoning data economy that is being held back by lack of tooling and massive inefficiencies around discovery, pricing/value, and delivery of the data. We're building out a platform that helps eliminate those inefficiencies.

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Narrative I/O Team

Nick Jordan
Founder of Narrative I/O. Previously at Tapad, Adobe, Demdex, and Yahoo!.

Narrative I/O Investors

Jonathan Strauss
Founder of (acquired by @Unified )
Jennifer Lum
Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor
Chris Cunningham
Chris Cunningham is the founder of His investments are made in partnership with leading NYC-area VC firms and angels.
Damon Cronkey
General Partner at XSeed Capital, Former Yahoo, Former SurveyMonkey, Husband, Dad, Phillies Fan
Todd Breeden
Co-Founder of @TuhayeVenturePartners - Founding Member of Touch of Grey angel syndicate - former VP @StarVest Partners
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