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What We're Building

Upload input and output and get a model no data scientist required. We do it for a much smaller amount of data. Hit an api with new data and get a prediction.

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Jobs at NanoNets

NanoNets Team

Sarthak Jain
Founder and CEO @NanoNets, Cofounded @Cubeit sold to @Myntra (now part of Flipkart), Gold Medal @Iit Gandhinagar (EE+CS)
Khushali Timbadia
Optimizing hiring by identifying right people for the right job!
Arun Gandhi
Co-founder at Vahanalytics | BITS-Pilani | Past experience at Credit Suisse and PwC
Rushabh Nagda
Footballer; Backend, DevOps and Distributed systems ; Data processing platforms; Top Coder Rating 1199;
Diwakar Kumar
Javascript / UI / Frontend Developer
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NanoNets Investors

Ben Lynett, CFA
Founder of Lynett Capital, an early stage investment firm dedicated to the empowerment of frontier technology in the US and internationally.

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