Nabeel Hyatt

Entrepreneur. Investor. Product Guy. Founder/CEO @Conduit Labs. GM @Zynga. Now a Venture Partner @Spark Capital

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What I Do

My primary drive is on working with world-class people trying to do truly risky, new, interesting things capable of becoming lasting institutions. I also tend to focus my time where my experience applies: consumer internet, mobile, gaming, consumer products, online marketplaces, and social networks.


I'm a consumer software/hardware entrepreneur & investor. My focus is on product development, design, and growth; at both the seed-stage (conduit, ambient) and growth companies (zynga, teamtalk).

I've been building social internet companies since the late 90s when I designed a series of early internet communities around best selling books. Then spent the go-go ".com" days building an online sports media company, managing product, growth, and content as COO during the rapid rise, sale to Teamtalk, and subsequent IPO.

From there I relocated to Boston and was part of the early team at MIT Media Lab spinoff Ambient Devices, a pioneering "internet of things" company. Subsequently, I was Founder, CEO of Conduit Labs, backed by CRV and Prism and sold to Zynga after three years. I joined Zynga as GM, scaled Zynga Boston, launched Indiana Jones Adventure World, reaching 40m monthly users at peak, and recently left following the IPO to join Spark Capital.

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