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Borrow items you need from people nearby. Earn by renting items you own.

We are building an innovative product which has sharing at it's heart and technology as the backbone. We are looking for enthusiastic go getters to help us scale the app to it's potential. At mutterfly we take great pride in the work culture and we recognise that happy team creates happy customers. We build, break and have fun along the way. Join us and let's grow together. Read More

What We're Building

80% of items we own aren't used more than once a month ! Think about the all un-necessary spending happening. We at Mutterfly are trying to change this behaviour through power of Sharing.

Why Buy items we need for one off use ? Mutterfly lets you borrow what you need from people around you. Yes, you guessed right your neighbours. And the best part is - you get rewarded for sharing those unused items in your house. Don't let them sit in a corner. Instead share them and earn.


* Borrow Instantly & Save Money: Say good bye to unnecessary spending

* Lend & Earn : Your item, your price. Earn each time you share. How cool is that!

* Try Before you buy : Debating whether to buy a product? Rent and try it out before making an impulsive purchase.

Popular items shared on Mutterfly include DSLR Cameras, Gaming consoles, Laptops, Sports equipments and Bicycles.

So next time when you are looking for an item, don't buy - Just Karo Mutterfly !

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Jobs at Mutterfly

Mutterfly Team

Akshay Bhatia
Founder @Mutterfly . Ex @Morgan Stanley and graduated from @Warwick Business School, UK . Looking to disrupt buying behaviour through power of sharing.
Lavin Chawla
Worked as a Manager: Operations and Engagement. Experience in Employee Engagement, Operations, Client Support, Business Development and Human Resources
iOS Developer, made 5 iOS and 2 android apps, Make and maintain Mutterfly app from the scratch
Shyam Desai
Worked as a Business Development and HR Executive for a logistics firm.
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