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Multicoin Capital

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Crypto hedge fund

The best way to get a job at Multicoin Capital is to make us feel stupid for not hiring you. You can do that however you'd like. Obviously, we have a bias for deep, thoughtful writing that surfaces fundamentally new and useful ideas and frameworks for thinking about crypto. But this is not the only way. We appreciate creativity. Read More
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What We're Building

Crypto investment funds.

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Multicoin Capital Team

Kyle Samani
Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital (Crypto fund) Past CoFounder/CEO, Pristine (raised VC, acquired) Entrepreneur. Intellectual. Capitalist. Polymath.
Tushar Jain
Managing Partner @Multicoin Capital, a crypto asset hedge fund. Previously Founder and COO @ePatientFinder. Degree from NYU Stern.
Myles Snider
Research Associate at @Multicoin Capital
Ryan Emmick
Blockchain Engineer @ Multicoin Capital

Multicoin Capital Investors

David Johnston
Managing Director Yeoman's Capital, Chairman of the Board @Factom 10 X Entrepreneur. Author of the General Theory of Decentralized Applications.

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