Jobs at Mothership

Cryptocurrency exchange and token market

Mothership is a blockchain startup building a cryptocurrency and digital assets exchange. In June 2017, Mothership held a successful token sale and since then, is expanding fast and shipping early products. Read More

What We're Building

Mothership is building a state-of-the-art digital asset exchange, EU token marketplace and a serverless platform for hosting financial apps with direct connection to the exchange. Integration with e-Residence allows for a quicker and easier KYC process for both individual e-Residents and companies, also acting as an additional security layer.

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Jobs at Mothership

Mothership Team

Arseny Zarechnev
Software developer, freelancer, entrepreneur and world citizen.
Anton Egorov
Software Engineer, e-Resident, founder at @Mothership
Mari Haki
Marketer & Startup enthusiast
Neil Kim Gardose
I build prototypes, create simple design for complicated web app features, engineer and manage large web apps.
Fyodor Ivanishchev
A JS/Ruby fullstack/frontend web developer with 5+ years experience. I've delivered features as a part of a team and alone to satisfy the business needs.
Pierre Marais
UI / UX Designer

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