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What We're Building

We develop tech and products for the material extrusion segment of the 3D printing industry (a $1 billion+ USD segment in 2016, and doubling every year).

Most 3D printers use one extruder (a machine that extrudes material through a nozzle) per color/material: a four-color 3D printer implies the use of four extruders. But more extruders means more weight (slower printing), more space required (smaller print areas), lower print quality (unused extruders drip and ooze), and more money (extruders are expensive).

By contrast, our flagship product, Palette, accepts up to four filament inputs and combines them into a single multi-color filament output. Combined with our free software and firmware, Palette enables single-color printers to print in up to four colors/materials at once without the downsides of multiple extruders.

We're working to ensure our tech powers the 5.5 million 3D printers that will ship in 2019, and we're looking for partners to join us on the journey.

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Chris Labelle
Founder @Mosaic Manufacturing • Worked at Urbanatomy Media in Beijing, and Flea's Partners• Studied @queensu @qsb
Derek Vogt
Founder @Mosaic Manufacturing • Mechatronics Design • Software • Mech. Eng. @Queen's University • 2D, 3D and Motion Designer • Photographer and Videographer
Mitch Debora
Founder @Mosaic Manufacturing * Owner @Vivid 3D Printing and Design Services * Studied Materials Engineering @QueensU
Brendan Coady
OEM Hardware Lead @Mosaic Manufacturing , BASc in ME from @University of Waterloo, Hardware enthusiast, startup lover, coffee aficionado, amateur chef
Danny Lloyd
Founder of Spreza Previously: Founder of Mosaic Manufacturing Queen's University Electrical Engineering
Brennan Foo
Helping grow @Mosaic Manufacturing, a 3D printing technology company.
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