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Mosaic Manufacturing (Techstars IoT '17)

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Tech for the future of desktop 3D printing

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What We're Building

We develop tech and products for the 3D printing industry (an industry worth $1 billion+ USD in 2016, and doubling every year).

The majority of 3D printers print in one color or material at a time. Our flagship product, Palette+, enables these same machines to print in up to 4 colors or materials. Combined with our software platform, CANVAS, Mosaic enables users to print an entirely new range of objects on their printers.

We're working to ensure our tech powers the 5.5 million 3D printers that will ship in 2019, and we're looking for partners to join us on the journey.

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Mosaic Manufacturing (Techstars IoT '17) Team

Chris Labelle
Founder @Mosaic Manufacturing (Techstars IoT '17) • Worked at Urbanatomy Media in Beijing, and Flea's Partners• Studied @queensu @qsb
Derek Vogt
Founder @Mosaic Manufacturing (Techstars IoT '17) • Mechatronics Design • Software • Mech. Eng. @Queen's University • 2D, 3D and Motion Designer • Photographer and Videographer
Mitch Debora
Founder @Mosaic Manufacturing (Techstars IoT '17) * Owner @Vivid 3D Printing and Design Services * Studied Materials Engineering @QueensU
Brendan Coady
OEM Hardware Lead @Mosaic Manufacturing (Techstars IoT '17) , BASc in ME from @University of Waterloo, Hardware enthusiast, startup lover, coffee aficionado, amateur chef
Brennan Foo
Helping grow @Mosaic Manufacturing (Techstars IoT '17), a 3D printing technology company. Advisor @Venture for Canada.
Bobby Wood
OEM Software Lead at Mosaic Manufacturing Computer Engineer from the University of Ottawa
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