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We invest a minimum of $25K into the first round of every deal we syndicate and look to back 8 -12 companies a year.
Craig Cummings
Co-Founder & GP, Moonshots Capital. Co-Founder @ridescout (Acq by Daimler). West Point grad + Army intel officer turned entrepreneur turned tech investor.
Kelly Perdew
GP: Moonshots Capital Early Advisor: Pandora, LinkedIn Investor: TrueCar, (AMZN), Bitium (GOOG) Winner of Apprentice 2 and Father of Twins
Acquired by Amazon for $19M in 2017
Went public in 2018
Went public in 2011
Went public in 2019
Went public in 2014
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Lisa Rich
Founder@Xplore Founder@Hemisphere Ventures Founder@BrainyQuote, Strategist, Speaker, Frontier Tech investor in synthetic biology, robotics, drones and space.
Bernardo de Seabra
Engineering Manager
Engineering Leader • Startup Investor & Advisor • Mentor @500startups • Worked at @lyric @brightroll @playdom @yahoo @cisco @barracuda-networks
Noah Belkin
Co-founder of BayLite Capital, owner of South American hospitality chain & active philanthropist. Angel Investor in 100+ startups
Can help with
“I was raised by a single mother and am 1 of 6 children in a blended family. I come from a unique background in the sense that I have a very wealthy side of...more
Jeff Rich
Founder @xplore-2, Founder @hemisphere Ventures, Founder @brainyquote, Entrepreneur, Strategic Planner, Information Architect, and Landscape Photographer.
Sajid Rahman
CEO,Telenor Health.Investor @snyk @limebike @rappi @branch @wefox @fabfitfun @cabify
Can help with
“I have strong exposure/network in emerging markets in Asia and Africa. I will be able to help the company grow internationally in those markets.”
Shrikant Lohokare
Founder @tantiv4, @capism • Venture Partner@NextGen Venture Partners, GP@eCubed Ventures, GP@21 Ventures
Blake Huang
A Fortune 500 executive based in Hong Kong // Seed Investor
Cap Ven
We invest in early-stage startups and arrange financing for growth companies.
Craig and I Co-founded @BTS and @APX-Labs together. Craig is a great technologist and mentor who instinctively understands how technology can be used to change people's lives
Alexander Watson
For Craig Cummings's work with
Kelly is an incredible mentor. He has been so involved with the company that I consider him a co-founder for all intents and purposes. He's helped the team navigate multiple pitfalls that could have killed our business; he kept our chins up when the breaks went the wrong way and kept our eye...more
Blake Hall
Founder of a company Kelly Perdew invested in
Kelly lives up to the site's moniker and has been an absolute angel to us. Kelly came on board as an investor and moved quickly just as he said he would and since then has opened a LOT of doors to partners, other investors and clients. From an exclusive dinner invite where I found myself...more
Joseph Morin
Founder of a company Kelly Perdew invested in
Kelly is a phenomenal mentor. He has a breadth of experience advising start-ups across a wide range of industries which translates into meaningful advice from someone who's been there done that. His ability to quickly absorb data, crunch the possible moves, and present an analysis of...more
Brian Ballard
For Kelly Perdew's investment at APX Labs
Kelly is one of the smartest, hardest working individuals I've ever met. Great strategic vision coupled with tactical know-how and one of the best networks around. Having Kelly in your corner gives you an unfair advantage.
Kelly is fantastic mentor and advisor. I really enjoy his frank advice about our company and our future. He presents facts very straightforward and gives our C-team the perspective we need to mark smart decision. We go to him with all our important decisions to get his take on life. I...more
Kelly's advice and mentorship to APX Labs and RideScout has been invaluable. I call Kelly a "start up personal trainer" because he makes you work very hard and in the end you are much stronger as an entrepreneur. In addition, Kelly is a true friend professionally and personally....more
Kelly is an experienced investor and entrepreneur with a track record of success. His investment into Edbacker has provided us with a wealth of experience and connections. We are excited to work with Kelly as we continue to grow.
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