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Free music while artists are paid

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What We're Building

MonkingMe is a new platform where you can listen to music and download all songs for free to play it offline whenever and wherever you are. Meanwhile, artists are paid fairly and they can use free content distribution to empower other income sources such as concerts and merchandising.

We join in the same place all artist needs to be the best platform for them, for reaching their fans and promote themselves. People can discover new talented artists and be notified about their favorite artists news. Our aim is to end piracy by making it unnecessary, instead of trying to ban it.

Offering all the content for your consumption in streaming and free fashion downloads generating economic benefits (through advertising in download) for the artist, in addition to distributing your merchandising and events to enhance these other revenue channels.

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MonkingMe Team

Miquel Tolosa Mas
CEO and Founder of MonkingMe. Computer science engineer (UPF)
Raul Martínez Pérez
Co-Founder of MonkingMe. Master in Sketch UI/UX. Degree in Nanoscience. YouTube partner with Fullscreen.

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