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Momentum Machines

Embedded Engineering Intern at Momentum Machines

San Francisco · Internship

Momentum Machines combines culinary arts with engineering smarts to serve up automatically prepared gourmet burgers from scratch.

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Job Description

You are:

A problem solver: You relish the opportunity to debug new or unfamiliar problems. You balance equal parts rigor and creativity. You know when to trust your intuition and when to start from first principles.
A quick learner: You look for opportunities to pick up new technical skills and soak them up like a sponge. You have knowledge gaps (we all do!), but you know when to rely on your peers, textbooks, or StackOverflow in order to fill them.
Self-driven: You set ambitious goals and meet them consistently. You deliver on your promises to others and yourself. You might have a corner of your garage full of completed personal projects.
Cross disciplinary: You have experience writing embedded software, bringing up microcontrollers, laying out PCBs, and interfacing with common sensors & actuators. You have the communication skills to collaborate effectively with mechanical, electrical, and software engineers.

You will:

Work across teams: Design and build electronics that validate new hardware with the electrical and embedded software teams. Work with mechanical engineers and fabricators to design and build robust mechanical test fixtures.
Take projects from start to finish: Prototype, design, and execute validation test plans for electronic and mechatronic hardware.
Design & build PCBs: Use industry standard EDA software to do schematic capture & PCB layout, from prototypes to final designs.
Write prototype software: Use and contribute to the software that helps us test and prototype faster. Write scripts and programs to automate the process of validating new electronics.

To apply:
Please apply via Lever:

Please include in your application a resume and cover letter addressing why you think it would be good for us to collaborate.

Momentum Machines doesn’t discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics. We’re committed to being a team that reflects a broad range of experience, thought, geography, age, background, gender, sexual orientation, language, culture and many other characteristics.

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What We're Building

Momentum is revolutionizing the way food is prepared with technology that allows for gourmet quality food to be sold at fast food prices.

We have created a robot that makes customized hamburgers from raw ingredients to packaging, with zero human intervention. Not only does our technology prepare food in a more sanitary, expedient, and with customizable way but, it also makes the freshest burger possible.

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Alex Vardakostas
Founder, @Momentum Machines. Invented hamburger making robot. Was an engineer at STA. B.S. in physics with research in algorithms for quantum computers.
Steven Frehn
Co-founder @Momentum Machines, revolutionizing fast food. @Darko Bijelic, @Armageddon Energy. @Stanford University Mechanical Engineering.
Anastasia Gamick
Studied at @UCLA • Chief of Staff @Momentum Machines
Jeff C. Jensen
I build amazing robots.
Oshin Nazarian
PhD in Materials Science and Engineering. Strong research background with product design experience (Raytheon, Momentum Machines).

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Our Investors

Joel Poloney
Co-Creator of FarmVille. Investor in @Momentum Machines, @Famous.AF / Stolen, and @smashgg. Sold @Toro to @Google in 2015. Sold @MyMiniLife to @Zynga in 2009.
Shantanu Talapatra
Founder @smashgg • Worked at @Zynga • Studied at GaTech
Leo Polovets
2nd non-founding engineer at @LinkedIn => Engineer at @Google => Early engineer at @Factual => Partner at @Susa Ventures.
Justin Waldron
Co-Founder @Zynga • Angel Investor @Gigster, @YourMechanic, @HOOKED ++ • Advisor @Kik Interactive
Sam Teller
Currently @SpaceX and @Tesla Motors / Previously Managing Director and Co-Founder of @Launchpad LA / Harvard BA / LA born and raised
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