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Seattle, Remote · Full Time
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Job Description

Moment is an e-commerce business and we are looking for our first full time controller.

Why we need you...
We are shipping a growing number of products to thousands of customers around the world from multiple warehouse locations. Our business is growing in complexity and therefore we need someone that can manage our financial results. Currently the team is splitting up a variety of financial roles and are now looking for one person who can manage all of our accounting, including closing processes, tools, and financials. We need an accurate account of the past in order to better predict the future.

What you will be doing…
Ensuring that Moment has a sound financial process on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. The role is 100% hands on until we are large enough for you to fill in a complete finance team. The role is includes some of the following:

+ Manage weekly and monthly closing processes, while working with the team to make these better and better over time.
+ Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual US GAAP financial statements, including income statement, balance sheet, and cash flows.
+ Ensure our partners and employee are paid on time.
+ Comply with local, state, and federal government reporting and tax filings.
+ Work with the team on ordering new and re-ordering existing products.
+ Manage and maintain our financial systems.
+ Manage and interact with external auditors.

Qualifications we’re looking for…
Beyond being passionate about mobile photography we are looking for the following experiences:
+ 2-5 years of accounting experience (preferably in e-commerce.)
+ Prefer experience leading finance/accounting for a startup.
+ Detailed knowledge of US GAAP
+ User-level knowledge of closing processes.
+ Exceptional at excel.

What We're Building

Moment is making the best tools in the world for mobile photography.

At Moment we believe the future of photography is in your pocket. The best camera is the one you have with you - and that camera is your phone. Our mission is to make your phone work more like a camera so you can capture more, better moments.

Moment currently has three products in the market that individually stand alone, but when put together unlock experiences previously unattainable in mobile photography.

1. Moment Case - the best iPhone case in the world for mobile photographers.

2. Moment App - an iOS app that makes it easier to take capture better pictures with your phone. Version one is in the app store now and version two is coming soon.

3. Moment Lenses - the best mobile photography lenses in the world. Available or purchase on the Moment website.

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Michael Thomas
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Josh Baxley
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What makes Moment a unique place to work at?
We are building a creative culture where you control where and when you work. Everyone is empowered to make decisions so we can ship faster and serve customer better. But ultimately it's a collection of people are constantly looking to improve both individually and as a collective whole. To call out the highlights... + we don't care where you live. + we rely on tools like slack to minimize communication and maximize efficiency. + we get together in person for a week, 3x per year, to improve our team. + teams are organized by what we need to be great at, not by function. + evaluations are self initiated, focused on a system that allows people to improve.
Marc Barros
Founder at Moment
How many people are you hiring in the next year?
A handful. We are focused on building a great business so if it grows profitably, we'll add more people.
Marc Barros
Founder at Moment

Our Investors

Robb Kunz
Founder/CEO @BoomStartup. Active Angel Invested in 100+ Startups. @500 Startups and @Techstars Mentor and LP. Founder @Ventureblue Capital. Invests in NewSpace.
Timothy Woods
Experienced Professional in Accounting, Auditing, Derivatives and Hedge Accounting, and Business Advisory Services
Cliff Shaw
CEO of Revve
T.A. McCann
Founder of @Rival Iq and @Gist • Worked at @Microsoft, @Vulcan Ventures • Studied at @Purdue University • mentor @Techstars
Tom Fallows
Cranking @Uber • Founder @Google Express • Founder @Mercantila (acq @Google) • Very active advisor to my portfolio companies.
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