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Founding Software Engineer - Analytics/ML Startup at Moesif

San Francisco · Full Time
Moesif is a VC backed API analytics and monitoring service founded by MIT and Michigan engineers with deep expertise from Intel/Microsoft/Zynga. Read More
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Job Description

What is Moesif?

Moesif is a VC backed API analytics and monitoring service founded by MIT and Michigan engineers with deep expertise from Intel/Microsoft/Zynga. We're working hard to make creating and debugging APIs easier for API developers through data. We believe debugging issues shouldn't be manual and tedious.

Unique opportunity as a founding engineer for a deeply technical engineer with an interest in big data/machine learning at a rapidly growing startup. We're already processing already over a terabyte of new data a day, but just getting started.

You will work closely with the CEO to architect and develop new features to keep our customers happy. You'll have a large influence in product architecture and roadmap early on.

Required Skills:
- Passionate about the API economy and serverless computing
- Experience working on modern backend systems and frameworks using languages such as Scala (preferred), Java, and functional languages
- Experience working with large installations of Cassandra, HBase, ElasticSearch, or similar
- Familiarity with Spark, Storm, Kafka, MLlib, TensorFlow, Docker, and other open source technologies
- Building highly scalable REST APIs and data processing pipelines.

Helpful skills:
- Experience working in a modern cloud provider like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud
- Familiarity with current APM and logging tools like New Relic, Sumo Logic, or Splunk and mobile analytics tools like Mixpanel/Amplitude (Our customers call us the "Mixpanel for APIs")
- An eye for ensuring secure systems
- Awesome at the Unix/Linux command line.

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What We're Building

Moesif was founded by alumni from MIT, University of Michigan, Microsoft, Intel and Zynga who believe debugging API driven software is getting harder than ever as the world moves towards more complex distributed applications.

We are building the most advanced AI-powered API analytics platform for automated debugging, detecting anomalous behavior, and discovering how to drive more revenue through APIs. Our goal is to use our data to enable developers and businesses to use APIs to their fullest potential.

Currently, the platform is already processing billions of API events with companies like Klarna, FOX, DHL, and Charles Schwab and is used by thousands of developers around the world. We are actively hiring strong engineers with a deep passion in the intersection of APIs and AI.

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Moesif Team

Derric Gilling
Moesif CEO & Software Engineer.
Xing (Xingheng) Wang
Founder @Moesif @Trove • Worked at @Zynga, @Microsoft • Studied at @Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Invested @Hornet Networks @ECitySky (sold to YY)
Keyur Doshi
Software Engineer who writes code without drinking coffee!

Moesif Investors