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Moesif is a VC backed API analytics and monitoring service founded by MIT and Michigan engineers with deep expertise from Intel/Microsoft/Zynga. Read More
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What We're Building

Moesif was founded by alumni from MIT, University of Michigan, Microsoft, Intel and Zynga who believe debugging API driven software is getting harder than ever as the world moves towards more complex distributed applications. Moesif is a cloud-native service to make debugging these services easier.

Moesif built out the most advanced API analytics platform handling billions of API calls and actively hiring strong engineers with a passion in intersection of APIs and the analytics/ML space.
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Jobs at Moesif

Moesif Team

Derric Gilling
Moesif CEO & Software Engineer.
Xing (Xingheng) Wang
Founder @Moesif @Trove • Worked at @Zynga, @Microsoft • Studied at @Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Invested @Hornet Networks @ECitySky (sold to YY)
Keyur Doshi
Software Developer by trade + Entrepreneur by nature = Unique EdTech innovator

Moesif Investors

Shawn Kung
Product @Aster Data Systems($300M exit);@The Angels Forum;Founder @LucidCloudAdv;@Fitz Gate Ventures;Board @UC Santa Cruz; VP @Micron Technology
Ash Rust
Managing Partner, @Sterling Road. Partner @Alchemist Accelerator . Past @Trinity Ventures, Cofounder @SendHub (acq. Cameo Global).

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