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The communication hub for AEC industries.

Modelo is the communication hub for the AEC industry.

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What We're Building

At Modelo we are building a platform for architects and engineers who already work with complex 3D design software like Revit, Rhino, SketchUp and VectorWorks. Founded by an architect and an industrial designer fed up with the tools available to them, our mission from the start has been to bring joy and efficiency to the collaboration, presentation and project management functions of the building industry.

After so many years, there has been very few designers stood out to create tools or software for ourselves, I believe with the right technology, right mind-set and right design, it's time for us to deliver something that finally belong to our own community. Modelo - bringing joy and efficiency to 3d design.
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Modelo Team

Qi Su
Qi Su ,
Founder of Modelo. former architect.
Tian Deng
Founder at @Modelo • Studied at @Rhode Island School of Design
Kewei Du
Video Designer, check out my reel @
Clare Zhu
QA Engineer& Project Manager at Modelo/CSM
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