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San Mateo · Full Time

MODE helps businesses collect data from the physical world. We connect all types of sensors available in the market and collect and manage data in our high performance time-series database.

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Job Description

MODE helps businesses to collect data from the physical world!

We connect all types of sensors and collect and manage data in our high performance time-series database. Our Sensor Cloud and Vehicle Research Cloud are getting great traction from customers and we are expanding our engineering team!

# Responsibilities

- Developing real-time web applications for process and analyze sensor data using interactive graph and map UIs.
- As you expand your interest, work on backend application servers too.

# Skills & Requirements

- Modern JavaScript development experience.
- Web application development experience using React and/or Angular.
- Quick to learn and adapt to new technologies and concepts.
- Willingness to go the extra mile to help other team members. We value teamwork.

# Benefits

- Being part of a small, close-knit team. We work hard and build our products at a fast pace, but each person has lots of autonomy.
- Competitive salary and stock options.
- Excellent health insurance, dental and vision coverage.
- Lunch provided twice a week.
- Short commute! MODE is located in San Mateo, CA, with 30-min commute to San Francisco, the South Bay, and the East Bay.

# About MODE

MODE is a unique IoT solution company that helps hardware companies launch their products as connected services. Our team provides expertise in all areas from embedded software to IoT cloud platforms to consumer-grade mobile applications. We have experience in a multitude of massive-scale consumer Internet services at leading companies and are committed to providing an exceptional experience to our customers.

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What We're Building

Collecting and storing data from sensors has been too difficult and expensive for businesses. MODE helps companies connect any sensors from any manufacturers within days and makes these sensor data useful with a high-performance time-series database. By eliminating custom software development, MODE reduces the cost of building Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions by 90 percents.

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Mode Team

Gaku Ueda
Co-founder/CEO of Mode, Inc. Previously Director of Engineering at Twitter. Worked on engineering of massive services like Google Maps and Yahoo Groups.
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Naoki Takano
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What makes Mode a unique place to work at?
IoT is an exciting space with lots of technical challenges. You can take on widest range of challenges: from controlling motors and sensors to realtime data analysis. You will be truely a "full-stack" engineer here at MODE.
Gaku Ueda
Co-founder | CEO at Mode

Mode Investors

Michael Abbott
Apple Former General Partner at KPCB VP Engineering @Twitter SVP Palm (webOS) MS - Azure Founder - Composite Software, Think Passenger
Othman Laraki
Co-founder at Color Genomics. Investor in Pinterest, AngelList, Slack, Instacart, Mesosphere & others. Co-founded MixerLabs, early PM at Google.
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Co-founder @Keyhole, VP @Google, VP @Uber
Richard Chen
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