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About us: Modbot is a mission-driven company. Our goal is to increase the pace of innovation in robotics worldwide by making high quality robotic systems and components massively accessible. Our unique modular components make it easy to configure, program and operate a robot that is customized to the application. After use, it can be reconfigured for a new application very quickly. Read More
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Job Description

Job Description:

Modbot is delivering a simple, affordable, and agile robot building platform for both large industrial firms as well as makers and hobbyists. Using a combination of smart hardware and software, a user can build a robot and program it within a matter of hours (depending on the complexity of the robot). Modbot makes robot building simple and easy-to-understand. Because we believe robotics should be massively accessible.

Modbot is looking for someone to lead our software product development. The successful candidate will lead a team of skilled software engineers and guide development of the software that underlies our innovative modular robot platform. Our software stack covers a wide range of software technologies from web, mobile and desktop applications down to hard real-time embedded systems.

The successful candidate will guide the software team’s development activities to build out our product vision. They will be responsible for coordinating with the product manager and design team to deliver product features using modern software development methodologies. The role is both technical and managerial so a sound understanding of both disciplines is required. This candidate will bridge the gap between the design team and product management, synthesizing the product requirements into software deliverables, and then working with the software team to implement and deploy product features.

As the technical stack is very diverse, candidates may not be an expert in all areas but at least have a good understanding of all parts of the system and how they work together. The candidate will use their knowledge and user data to prioritise features and work with the design team to develop and execute on the software product vision. The team leader will ensure sound development and documentation practices are followed and help to ensure the quality of the product using modern automated testing methodologies.


A passion for robotics
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in software engineering, computer science or equivalent
Minimum 7 years experience developing and deploying software
Experience in project and product management
Ability to participate in the full cycle of development including requirements analysis, design, development, testing, review and deployment
Experience designing and developing Linux software with C and C++ and open source toolchains (GNU, Make, CMake)
Experience designing and developing web applications
Experience software management using agile development methodologies, test driven development and continuous integration
Experience architecting distributed software systems
Extensive knowledge of software design patterns and when/when not to use them
Sound understanding of software testing techniques: unit tests, integrations tests, fake and mock objects, test fixtures, performance testing, etc.
Experience developing and using APIs with authentication/authorisation and version control
Extensive experience with git and git workflows
Ability to design and implement rapid prototypes for concept validation
Ability to work in a highly collaborative environment with different disciplines to deliver product goals
Ability to manage and mentor a team of engineers to deliver product goals
Impeccable communications skills


Minimum 3 years product and project management experience
Experience building robotics or other control systems
Experience with devops technologies such as Chef, Ansible, Docker and Vagrant
Linux system administration experience
Embedded systems development experience
Experience with the Unity gaming engine
Experience deploying and managing applications on Amazon Web Services
Experience building hard real-time systems (Linux and embedded)
Experience with communications protocols such as CAN, Ethercat, Websockets, HTTP, Zeroconf
Experience building Linux device drivers
Experience with middleware technologies such as ROS and DDS
Experience deploying and updating multi-tiered systems across web, and embedded software stacks
Experience with SDK and API documentation systems with version control
A curious mind willing to experiment with new technologies

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What We're Building

Modbot brings industrial precision and power to consumer assembled robots. Imagine automated manufacturing and consumer robots within reach of everybody, assembled like Lego.
Modbot is a system of affordable and re-usable modules that snap together, filling the gap between $100 hobby and $20,000 industrial motion equipment.

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Our Investors

Ash Patel
Managing Director at @Morado Venture Partners. Former EVP, CPO and early engineer at @Yahoo.
Wretch Chien
VC at AME Cloud Ventures, Jerry Yang's investment arm. Previously founded and sold to Yahoo!