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What We're Building

Mobitto presents itself as a crowdsourced loyalty app, allowing users to build their own club and get rewarded by interacting with the brands they love the most. Being a universal loyalty provider, users can earn points & redeem rewards at any of our partners, independently of their industry.

For brands & businesses it works as Google AdWords for the real-world, allowing business to define how much, each interaction with the client, is worth. It's a 100% performance based business model. Businesses also get paid when users decide to use their rewards.

In short, Mobitto creates an advertising ecosystem where businesses can engage with highly motivated brand ambassadors and users get rewarded by interacting with the brands they love.

It's word of mouth, reinvented! It's a marketplace for engagement.

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Ricardo Otero
Worked at @Talkdesk and then at @Mobitto. Was head of tech at @Faber Ventures for two years. Loves Ruby and RoR.
Ricardo Leitão
Technology addicted, Backend and Mobile Developer | Lead Developer @Liquid

Our Investors

Jose Cobian
Entrepreneur. Formerly, Country Manager @HotelTonight. Partner @Okuri Ventures, CEO @Tetuan Valley, Consultant @Oliver Wyman & @Monitor Group, among others.
Luis Rivera Gurrea-Nozaleda
CEO @ETFmatic. Junior Developer. Former Blade Runner
Bernardo De Tomas
Startup mentor and investor @okuriventures, @Tetuan Valley and @Startupbootcamp; Mexican, Spanish World Citizen
Jose Simoes
CPO @ Dafiti | Entrepreneur & Bitcoin Enthusiast. PhD on User-Centric Advertising (CS at TU Berlin) with industry & startup experience.