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Event Manager for Global Blockchain Events at MLG Blockchain

Remote · Full Time
As one of the leading blockchain consulting companies in the world, we strive to deliver excellent results for a global clients. Having grown from 2 to over 20 employees in less than 3 months, we are an exciting team to join in a fast paced and high tech industry. Come join the ride. Read More
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We are looking for an autonomous and self-motivated dedicated event manager to manage and coordinate 3-4 events across the world every month. Depending on the client, you will be responsible for ensuring all the promised parts of the event including room selection, invites, airdrops, marketing and coverage of the events. You will have access to a team of designers, writers, and social media marketers to support you along the way.

MLG Blockchain Consulting the fastest growing Blockchain Consulting Agency in Canada. We have grown from 4 to over 40 employees in 3 months, and expect to continue at this pace for the months to come. We are work in a decentralized model, allowing you to work from anywhere. The physical HQ is in Toronto, with offices in Montreal, Rotterdam, and Ho Chi Minh. This is an opportunity to join one of the hottest industries in fintech, and become an expert in what we believe will be internet 3.0.


Develop event plan months in advance
Work with client and internal teams for event ideas and opportunities

Set up 3-4 events per month
Global events will be lead be local members - you will coordinate everything around the event

Coordinate with team members to ensure events are well represented
Work with internal team and partners when necessary


Develop Event Tracking System - Help build a method to track all the past events and upcoming events for each client, with a way for the rest of the teams to have access to all the required information in an accessible manner.

Streamline Event Set Up Process - Help community director and director of operations with the streamlining process of events. MLG Ambassadors, University Club Leaders, Clients and other blockchain enthusiasts will reach out to arrange events through airdropx and bitcoin airdrop websites. Helping them set up an event should become a streamlined process.

For Every ICO or Post-ICO You Work On

Open Lines Of Communication - Work as the direct and first line of communication between the event, the client & MLG.

Help create event schedules - Whenever schedules of all the deliverables are build, we will need to build event schedules which each upcoming event, their theme, their speakers, etc.

Manage event plans - What exactly will happen at the events? Will there be food? Speakers? Screen? Etc. You will be provided with a list of all the necessary things each event needs ahead of time.

Work with media - When setting up events, you will be directly responsible for ensuring local news and conference attendees pick up news about the event.

Work with other partners - As we are turn-key ICO and Post-ICO services agency, we have strategic partners that we often work with for specific events or parts of events.

Work with freelancers - MLG has many freelancers to turn to for urgent requests like banner creations, writers, designers, video producers, assistants, etc. You may have to work with some and should be comfortable running with stuff to get it done on time.

Stay active in the crypto community - Head out to the events you set up when you can, and personally post news about clients in select groups, forums, etc.

Work With Other Team Members - Work with team in a decentralized manner via Slack.

We are looking for a motivated individual that knows about the cryptocurrency world and understands how “cryptokids” interact with one another, where they get their information, and how they do their research before investing in upcoming ICOs.

His/her job will have two main facets. First is related to post-ICOs, taking charge of setting up and managing the events across the world. Second is related to ICOs, ensuring every stepping stone, KPI and deliverable are met.


0.05% equity vested every 6 months until 0.2%

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