Michael Levy

CoFounder at @Chalkable. CMO @TriSpecs. Founder @ETM. Currently @500+ Startups.

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What I Do

Product, Design, Strategy, Network, Recruiting, Communications.


CMO - TriSpecs
TriSpecs integrate patented industrial design / software which utilize the physics of sound propagation to define the shape and arrival time of sound waves inorder to isolate voice signal. The technology determines the difference between the speech and ambient sound. Dolby later acquired the core technology used in the software.

Founder - ETM
ETM Entertainment Teller Machine. ATM for money ETM for movies.
An ETM is a kiosk that delivers high quality digital content to your mobile device (this was back when people had flip phones). The service enabled users to "rent" movies, TV shows ont he go. The technology was around DRM and the download speed. Full length movie in less than one minute to your laptop while your waiting in the airport.

• Seed capital from Gilo Ventures
• ETM partnered/worked with: MPAA, Blockbuster Inc., Time Inc., Fox News, Hudson News, BAA (they operate airport commercial space), SanDisk, NCircle Entertainment, Hit Entertainment

What I'm Looking For

1. Someone who gets how important education is.
We all learn. A lot of that happens in school.

2. Someone who gets how messed up education is.
There are "good" reasons things are the way they are.

3. Someone who wants to help.
It is not easy.

4. Someone who is not afraid.