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Smarter and faster Customer Service

At Miuros (Techstars 2017), we believe that Customer Service is more than a cost center, and we want to help our customers create value out of it. We develop smart solutions that unlock and take advantage of the most underused corporate asset: the Customer Support data. With a better use of this goldmine, we aim to enhance the overall customer experience, the efficiency of Customer Service teams and to deliver actionable insights to Product Development, Marketing and Sales teams.

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What We're Building

Almost 66% percent of consumers switch to another provider after a bad experience with Customer Service (CS).
To prevent this churn, Miuros uses artificial intelligence to make CS faster and smarter.
Companies like Babbel, Ableton or StarOfService use Miuros at different layers of their CS organisation, from agents up to managers, with task automations, recommendations and new actionable insights.
Within a month, some customers reported a 10% improvement in their efficiency and 2x faster replies to their customers.

We're currently part of Techstars Paris '17
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Jobs at Miuros

Miuros Team

Benoit Gagnon
CEO of Miuros. Strong domain expertise in Customer Service and Business Intelligence. Worked at Sunopsis, Oracle, Helpling, up to executive level (Ableton)
Ricardo De Aldama
Co-founder & Head of Data Science at Miuros, smarter and faster Customer Service. Former researcher in A.I. (CNRS, Sony, CEA,...). PhD in Mathematics.
Daniele Alfarone
Co-founder & CTO at Miuros, scaling Customer Service with A.I. Previously researcher in NLP and Machine Learning at KU Leuven.