Jobs at MindSumo

Helping students transition from college to the workforce

Keaton Swett
President and co-founder of @MindSumo; StartX participant (@MindSumo); @JHU grad; Passionate entrepreneur and sports/political junkie on the side.
Trent Hazy
Co-Founder, CEO of @MindSumo. Product Design at @Stanford. Experience at Ford Motor and @Virgin America
Rohan Puranik
Co-founder & CTO at @MindSumo; worked at Palm most recently, several startups including Optumsoft throughout undergrad (Computer Science at Stanford)

MindSumo helps students transition from college to the workforce. We offer students real-world challenges and mentors to build their skills and network. We in turn use this proprietary data to match students to relevant companies - our process reduces the hiring funnel from 100:1 to approximately 20:1. MindSumo boasts nearly 400 clients and 100,000 students on the platform. Check us out at

Why Us?

You will work on tough problems while maintaining freedom to work on stuff that excites you. We need to build a highly reliable system that handles incredibly sensitive data. We need to think about security, data analytics and artificial intelligence to smartly match candidates and employers.

We offer a competitive salary, generous options, and benefits. Most importantly, you’ll be joining a company that is slated to be the top destination for college students and companies to interact.

We're announcing some big things soon, which means it's time to grow and move fast!

San Francisco
1-10 employees
$1M Last Round in 2012
Lead Generation, Crowdsourcing, Recruiting, Social Innovation

MindSumo Jobs

$95K – $115K Salary
0.3% – 0.6% Equity
Full Time · San Francisco


Peter Tseng
Peter Tseng
Stanford CS undergrad looking to do big things
Karthik Ravichandran
Karthik Ravichandran
Product, Full Stack, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Embedded/ Board level Electronics.
Aaron Weiss
Aaron Weiss
Community Manager at MindSumo - Grew from 4k-70k student users in 2.5 years Founder/Writer at Thelma - Delivering original content in a sea of clickbait
Fern Wood
Fern Wood
Full Snack (and sometimes Full Stack) Engineer interested in web applications. Love interesting problems, cool people, and snacks of all kinds.


Dave Hodson
Dave Hodson
Co-founder and CTO (NASD:IPRT). Co-founder and CTO @MessageCast (Sold to @Microsoft). StartX mentor, technical advisor.
Investments, MindSumo, AstroPrint, FG Angels Syndicate Fund II, FG Angels Syndicate Fund III
Data Collective
Investing in entrepreneurs building big data companies
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Matt Ocko
Matt Ocko
Investor for 20 years in teams (@Zynga, XenSource/CTRX @Facebook, Datamirror/IBM, Fortinet/FTNT, Tango, @Metaweb, D-Wave) solving hard problems for large markets.
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Wesley Chan
Wesley Chan
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Clint Korver
Clint Korver
COO @NovoEd • Co-Founder @Ulu Ventures, @Outcome Software, @Decision Quality International, @THE Decision Company, • Studied at @Stanford, @Grinnell
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