Mike Levy

Founder @Maxxpoint Corp. • Worked at @SportsLine.com • Investor @Google, @Zynga • Studied at @Georgia Tech

Confirmed Investments · Invests $100K -$200K per deal
Team Member
What I Do

Helping build the management team. Use extensive contacts to create meaningful strategic partnerships. Raised $40 million in venture capital for CBS SportsLine. Raised over $300 million through SportsLine IPO, Secondary and Bond Offering. Strong venture capital relationships.


Mike Levy is the founder and former CEO of SportsLine.com {now CBSSports.com}, a leading sports media company which published CBS SportsLine.com, NFL.com, PGA Tour.com and NCAA Sports.com. Founded in February, 1994, SportsLine was listed on NASDAQ from November, 1997 through December, 2004 when it was acquired by CBS.

At SportsLine, Mr. Levy forged alliances with CBS Sports, AOL, the NFL, the NBA, MLB, the PGA Tour, the NCAA, various players’ associations and superstars Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal.

SportsLine’s initial venture funding was through Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers. Subsequent private investors included Reuters, TCI, US West and NY Life. Mr. Levy took SportsLine public in 1997 raising $32 million. In 1998, SportsLine raised $150 million in a secondary offering and in 1999 raised $150 million in a convertible bond offering. During the Internet boom years from 1998 to early 2000, SportsLine’s market cap routinely exceeded $1 billion.

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