Miguel Mateos Romo

Owner/partner, Mine's, construction, transportation, Office/commercial Buildings and Warehouses in U.S. and Mexico

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What I Do

I would love to do something big that would benefit everyday people and at the same time, make money for me and my investors. But meanwhile I can find you contracts if you have companies or I can help you make money by financing contracts already given to other companies with low risk and high gain.


I would say the most impressive thing I have done is build a large network of Connections in Mexico that allow me to be invited or involved in many High value contracts mostly in Construction, Services, Supply and Engineering and at a Federal Level which make them high Gain and low Risk projects, I think this is most impressive considering Spanish is my second language one I learned here when I first came down on Vacation. I have already been involved in the finance of many projects both small to large and have negotiated for many projects in the billions I also have a large base of Construction and Engineering companies here in Mexico that I help secure contracts for.