Customer Success Manager at MightySignal

San Francisco · Full Time

Job Description

MightySignal is looking for our first Customer Success Manager. Current customers include Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Zendesk, and we make them successful by providing them the best mobile app intelligence in the world. As the customer success person, you'll have a critical role in helping us accomplish that. Revenue is growing quickly, and there are many opportunities to make our customers successful as well as upsell them.

- Someone who cares deeply about the customer
- Familiar with SaaS sales
- Data-driven
- Able to come up with creative and effective strategies for customer success

- Case studies
- Customer support
- User orientation
- Upsell and land/expand

- At least 1 year of customer success experience
- Experience with upselling
- Experience with user orientation

- Comfortable with tracking user behavior through analytics

What We're Building

MightySignal provides mobile app intelligence, by analyzing source code and binaries of every mobile app to uncover valuable insights.

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Jason Lew
CTO/Co-Founder of @MightySignal (a Techstars company). Engineer for the iPhone/iPad at @Apple. @Duke University & @Cornell University engineering.
Matthew Hui
Full stack generalist, launched successful websites and mobile apps. CS @Berkeley
Osman Khwaja
Princeton CS, Interested in full stack development at exciting, young companies

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Our Investors

Thijs Gitmans
Angel investor, worldwide, together w @Rob de Heus. Fund manager @peakcapital, early stage VC fund, Netherlands only. Coaching startups
Andrew Rebele
Founder @Pure Watercraft, Grokhome. Founded CityAuction, sold to IACI 1999. Biz dev Webvan, General Magic. MIT Sloan MBA 95
Anthony Saleh
I am a man from LA. That is it.
Francisco Tolmasky
Founder of @280 North , acquired by @Motorola Mobility in 2010, @Y Combinator W08 alum. Previously at @Apple.
T.A. McCann
Founder of @Rival Iq and @Gist • Worked at @Microsoft, @Vulcan Ventures • Studied at @Purdue University • mentor @Techstars
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