Michael Mancuso

Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of Bratton Technologies, previously Creative Director at HORN. User Experience Design, Branding, Marketing, Strategy.

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What I Do

I design the entire experience our members have with our brand at all touch points, from logo and branding, to website and marketing materials, to web and mobile applications. I believe user experience design is a top-level consideration, a notion that most successful startups share.


As a Creative Director at HORN I had the good fortune of working with scores of companies at all sizes and stages of growth.

In 2006 I conceptualized, designed the user experience, application interfaces and marketing materials for RightMedia as the Creative Director of HORN. RightMedia subsequently sold to Yahoo! for ~$800 million.

In 2003 as a partner at Hylotek, a website I designed for a high profile photographer was a finalist at SXSWi.

What I'm Looking For

To work closely with passionate, forward-thinking doers with big ideas that we can create and rapidly bring to market.