UI & Graphic Designer at Meural

New York City · Full Time

Meural is a design focused company that always gives design a seat at the table. We're a small, passionate team that loves to build products that look amazing and are intuitive to use. We care deeply that customers have a powerful experience with our products and our brand. Our flagship product is the Meural Canvas, a smart art frame (a physical piece of hardware) which lets you effortlessly explore the world of art or display your own. We like to do things ourselves, which means not only building the product (we’ve build the full stack, from hardware, firmware, and software), and curating our own huge library of art, but also selling the product and telling our story. That’s where you come in.

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Job Description

Please include a cover letter with links to 2 projects that you're proud of. Examples of polished UI a requirement. Bonus for some Illustration skill.


Meural ( makes the most beautiful, fully customizable and meticulously designed art frame available. Browse our rapidly growing library of curated art (, download to your wall with a click. Wave your hand across our gesture sensor to change art (because you don’t touch art). Detect lighting in a room and adjust lighting accordingly, hang in portrait or landscape, put up your own images, and that’s just the beginning.

The Meural Canvas is in thousands of homes, we have iOS and Android apps, a full featured web application and more. You'll have the chance to create interfaces for all of it. If you love art, design (I hope) and technology, I think you'll love Meural. Our Canvas looks even better in person, I can't wait to show you.


- Craft stunning user interfaces

- Challenge the UX status quo

- Can switch between software without thinking twice

- Draw custom illustrations for your UI

- Love experimenting with new design tools

- Are interested in how designs are built

- Ask everybody you know what they think about your latest design

- And maybe even a few strangers

- Love physical products

Meural employs a huge range of skills, from design to software development, to electrical engineering, firmware, industrial design, and more. It's an especially good opportunity for people interesting in iOT. We also have a very open culture. If you have compelling reasons for doing something, we'll probably do it your way.

We love exploring new use Sketch for UI/UX, Zeplin to communicate with developers, Abstract to track history, Dropbox for storage, Photoshop for raster creative, Illustrator for illustration, After Effects for motion graphics and video editing.

If you've made it this far, you'll be happy to hear that we also love our employees. That's why we offer benefits like healthcare, maternity leave, and flexible vacation time. We're open-minded here, so if you questions, please don't hesitate to apply and ask them!

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What We're Building

Meural is the game-changing internet-connected digital canvas + content platform to discover, experience, and consume art and photography.

Meural is to art and photography what the iPod and iTunes were for music. From classic artwork, to innovative digital images, to personal photography, now you can control your wall.

Meural has:
- A great team of repeat entrepreneurs with inspiring vision and proven ability to execute
- Stunning connected hardware (canvas) with unique and proprietary features including gesture control and auto-lighting - patent pending
- Sold out first production run, currently shipping
- Manufacturing infrastructure
- Content partnerships with over 20,000 (and growing) individual works - from museum paintings to digital art to new photography
- High-tech software leading to ultimate customer experience across multiple use cases: curated streaming, discovery, education, UGC, etc.
- Compelling razor (frame) + blades (content subscription) business model.

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