Metric Digital

Digital Marketer at Metric Digital

New York City · Full Time

Job Description

Metric Digital is looking for somebody who will work with us to create, implement, track, optimize, and report on digital marketing campaigns across multiple online channels for companies from the Fortune 100 to Startups in their earliest stages.

We are often responsible for growing our clients’ user base, figuring out how to monetize digital channels, and growing revenue across them. These channels include:

• Facebook
• Display, Retargeting (cross-channel)
• Video (YouTube, Snapchat)
• Instagram
• Twitter
• Affiliates
• Email
• Content Marketing
• +any other online channel that might add value to the brand

You should have digital marketing experience that proves you can figure out how to build and execute a successful digital marketing strategy across one or several of the channels above and be excellent at articulating various aspects of digital marketing to clients.

Role and Responsibilities:

• You like being independent and proving yourself.
• You are able to develop and oversee all digital strategy; contribute creative
and strategic thinking through conception and execution of ideas that build
brand credibility and revenue.
• You should want and be able to collaborate with clients to create and drive
the digital strategy for a brand. Client services/communication will be key
to your success.
• You are able to create, monitor, analyze and deliver reporting of the results
of all digital marketing programs in an effort to identify which
communication channels drive the most brand awareness, lead generation
and revenue streams
• Manage junior associates and/or interns in the facilitation of all digital
• You are doer and want to be a part of a hyper growth company.

What We're Building

We integrate with businesses of all sizes from hip retailers, to publishers and household brands to start-ups you’ve never heard of, accomplishing measurable goals through online, paid-media channels. Those goals can include: driving revenue, increasing traffic, generating engagement, testing new channels, proving ability to scale and constructing working attribution models.


Ryan Markman
Currently strategy consultant @Bain // Product @Metric Collective // BS 2012 @University of Pennsylvania @Wharton School