Jobs at metamorph

A decentralised and transparent incubation and start up funding model

What We're Building

The current venture model is broken.

Metamorph is a venture building platform powered by the community for next generation businesses on the blockchain. Our goal is to democratise funding for everyone, raise money fast from the community who believe in your idea, support founders to build businesses with value to society, rather than the bottom line of VC's.We believe 90% of starts up should succeed giving equal opportunity to every founder in the world.

***still in stealth mode***

Jobs at metamorph

metamorph Team

André Hammen
Blockchain fellow, Creative Technologist & Growth Hacker, Founder @hypergrowth
Chris Dietrich
Growth Hacker, Technical Marketing, Data Analysis, Lead Funnel Design for Startups and Blockchain Companies
Maz Cohen
Inventor. Founder. Innovator. Curious. Passionate. Creative Start up Founder and CEO for 4 years of - a social commerce platform.
Janet Todorova / Founder Institute / DigitalK
Alexander Mrozinski
Entrepreneur, Consultant, ChangeMaker & Digital Nomad. 10 yr+ experience in sales, marketing, event, social media & building Startups from scratch. Lets connect
Svetlozar Argirov
Tech Lead at

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