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Growth Strategist at Merlin

New York City · Full Time
We are a pioneering mobile product in the online recruiting sector. We help people find jobs faster than any other platform. Operating in New York, we enable job seekers to find the best and most relevant low and medium-skilled jobs close to home. Read More
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Job Description

You are someone who will take on the challenge of growing our user base at the ambitious level that we’d like ourselves to be growing. You’re no stranger to iterative testing and analytical thinking but you also don’t lose sight of the challenge of building a household brand. Breaking down complex problems into digestible steps comes naturally, and you can communicate progress effectively to an executive team with ease.

This job requires a hard worker, who takes pride in making sure things get done the right way, doesn’t cut corners or miss important details. If you're committed to becoming the resident expert in Merlin's user acquisition strategies send us a note and let's get to chatting!

Key Responsibilities:

- Implement complex mobile campaigns on different platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Snapchat and other digital Ad networks.
- Work with the management team to develop an acquisition strategy and lead special acquisition-related projects.
- Create and maintain detailed regular reporting to inform our overall marketing strategy.
- Translate data into tactical and strategic recommendations to move the business forward.
- Be a driving force for brainstorming new weekly creatives for all marketing channels.
- Coordinate with our product team improve customer conversion rates across the board.
- Create and optimize the CPA of multi-language, multi-location campaigns.


- At least 2 years of experience with data-driven user acquisition at a large scale (monthly six-figure budgets).
- Highly inquisitive, with a strong background in solving complex problems and treading uncharted waters.
- Advanced reporting skills via Excel, SQL, Looker, etc. • Excellent communication skills, favoring concise and effective communication.
- Detail-oriented and meticulous
- Stress-tolerant, quick-thinking, accurate and calm under pressure
- Experience with local marketplaces (city by city) will be a plus. Spanish is a plus.

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What We're Building

Finding a job in the hourly talent market (2/3rds of the economy in the U.S.) is excruciatingly hard for both employers and candidates. 80% of positions are placed by word of mouth or dropping off a resume in person, and when job needs change for businesses it can take months to fill a position with the right people.

Merlin is a pioneering mobile product that is tackling that problem head on. We help people in these industries find jobs faster and more effectively than any other platform, while also building transparency into the process. Our matching algorithms make it so users don't have to sift through thousands of options in order to find the right fitting job or employee.

Operating in New York City, our team of is comprised of many experienced marketplace-builders well-versed in the world of entrepreneurship. We're backed by top tier investors who have funded companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Stripe, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many others. Join us!

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