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Helping every student succeed.

ABOUT US: Mentor Collective, formerly Shearwater, was founded with the mission of helping students acclimate and succeed in school. We work with 50+ institutions to develop tech-enabled mentorship programs that increase enrollment, improve student transitions and persistence, and engage alumni. Read More
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What We're Building

We help schools deliver 1-on-1 mentorship to all their students.

Mentor Collective (formerly Shearwater) partners with universities and secondary schools to help students succeed in the school community. We develop online programs that combine personalized mentorship and scalable reporting to improve student experience, engage young alumni, and increase retention.

Our network of partner schools includes Tufts University, Washington University in St. Louis, Penn State University, and many of the best independent schools in the United States.

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Recent recognition:
2019 - Forbes 30 under 30, Education Category
2018 - BostInno's 50 on Fire
2018 - Golden Bridge Awards - Startup of the Year Founded in 2015
2015 - Techstars Boston

Mentor Collective Party
Mentor Collective's founding team (2015)
2017 Holiday Party
Team members in the Boston office
Our Product Manager Eliza presenting at a partner school
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Mentor Collective Team

Jackson Boyar
Co-founder and CEO at Mentor Collective • Worked at @L.E.K • Studied at @Indiana University, Bloomington
James Lu Morrissey
COO at @Mentor Collective (hiring) | Forbes 30 under 30 | @Techstars mentor and startup advisor
Sean Wenshiang Chung
Co-Founded Wizdy, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Tufts University
Eli Rose
Lead Engineer at Shearwater, helping students through mentorship.
George Boyar
Wisdom and Culture hunter • Customer Success @Mentor Collective • Worked at @Bain and Company • Studied @Washington University in Saint Louis
Eliza LaJoie
Product Lead at @Mentor Collective (Techstars ‘15) Designed student experience at @Quad Learning, rabble-roused at @Cornell University.
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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What are some of the toughest engineering problems Mentor Collective is facing now?
Given a student, how do we choose the ideal mentor for them from a large pool of alumni? We use both data provided by the users (survey questions, engagement information) and contextual information about the program (capacity constraints, what type of program is it?) to make this decision. The mentor/mentee relationship is a complex one -- making a match requires both statistical and human insights. *********** How can we allow schools to see what's happening in their mentorship programs, in a way that is comprehensive and transparent, but also accessible at a glance? There are lots of interesting UX and data visualization questions here. *********** And the eternal question: How do we reduce the cycle time of experimentation -- the time between deciding to test a change and getting insights from our test -- as much as possible? The lower this gets, the faster we learn. Things Engineering does in this area include 1) building robust and reusable developer tools, 2) writing code that's very easy to extend and modify, 3) quickly building stable systems that collect all kinds of data. I'm proud that we deploy multiple times per day and run A/B tests constantly, but improvements here are so valuable that lots of high-impact work remains to be done.
Rose Petrozzino
Special Projects at Mentor Collective
What makes Mentor Collective a unique place to work at?
So many things. If you're seriously interested in joining us, I would encourage you to grab coffee with one of our team members. Off the top of my head: (1) We know what we don't know. This creates an environment where everyone's voice is heard and decisions are data-backed. (2) Feedback. You will get more of it here than you may have ever received before. Every team member receives a quarterly 360 feedback review (usually 6-8 pages of manager + peer feedback). We invest in feedback and professional development because we know it is the fuel to our growth. (3) Mission-driven. For many members of the team, Mentor Collective's mission is deeply personal. More than 30% of first-year college students drop out each year -- we are incredibly fortunate to be working on a venture that is both profitable and fundamentally good for the world.
Rose Petrozzino
Special Projects at Mentor Collective

Mentor Collective Investors

Semyon Dukach
Managing Partner, One Way Ventures. Former MD, Techstars in Boston. @onewayvc @semyondukach
Nick Ducoff
CEO @Edmit | @Techstars mentor Past: VP New Ventures @Northeastern University | VP @Boundless acq by @Valore Books | CEO @Infochimps acq by @CSC (NYSE:DXC)
Steve Wolf
SFP Joint Venture Phase One Development LLC
Hambleton Lord
Managing Director at Launchpad Venture Group, Co-Founder, Seraf, Named an Xconomy "Top Angel in New England." 
Raymond Chang
Successful serial entrepreneur & active angel investor. Founder/CEO of GigaMedia (NASDAQ: GIGM), Luckypai, and New Focus Auto, (HKSE: 0360). #raymondnobuchang

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