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Psychedelic medicine is creating a healthy and thoughtful world.

We’re in a mental health crisis.1 in 5 adults in the US live with a mental illness.

We believe psychedelic-assisted therapies will heal hundreds of millions of people. A psychedelic-assisted therapy combines psychedelics (i.e. psilocybin, MDMA, DMT, ketamine) with talk therapy to treat conditions including depression, addiction, PTSD, and so much more. Early results from clinical trials and university research suggest these treatments cure the underlying cause, not simply treating symptoms like traditional pharmaceuticals.

The timing is right, and the market opportunity is huge: initial markets are around $15-20B with the potential to reach markets totaling as much as $200B. The results will be positive for society as well as participants in the space.

Our syndicate will provide capital to founders building companies that align healing, sustainability, and profitability.

Here is our focus:

  • We’re investing in companies doing psychedelic drug discovery, drug delivery, and a variety of companies developing the “picks and shovels” that this space will need to flourish.
  • We’re open to companies developing and delivering natural compounds and synthetic ones, as well as novel psychedelic compounds.
  • We see an opportunity for companies working with protocols that require therapists and others where a therapist may not be needed for the delivery of the medicine.
  • We think different medicines and treatments will target a range of people suffering severe disorders and people dealing with mild anxiety and other modern age ailments.

We’re uniquely positioned to identify and source the best companies given our involvement as advocates, educators, entrepreneurs, and investors in psychedelics. And we're donating 4.19% of our carry to psychedelic non-profits and indigenous communities (4/19 is Bicycle Day!) since we are standing on the shoulders of giants.

As a member of our syndicate, you’ll join our community of LPs, see the most promising deals in psychedelic medicine, and take part in healing our world.


Matias and Greg host Business Trip, a podcast about psychedelic entrepreneurship. The podcast is a great platform to meet the best and brightest in the field.

Dina is one of the most active angel investors in psychedelics and mental health with 10 investments in the space. She is a Venture Partner and an advisor to Tabula Rasa incubator and venture fund and founder of a lead gen platform for psychedelic therapies.

Psychedelic investment must be handled responsibly given the power of these medicines and the history of psychedelics. The three of us are deeply committed to bringing psychedelic-assisted therapy to market safely and quickly, while staying true to the spirit of the medicine.

Dina Burkitbayeva
Investor/founder in alternative mental health space; Investments @atai-life-sciences-1 @tactogen @McKinsey & Co• @harvard-business-school,
Greg Kubin
Let's heal the world with psychedelic medicine. Host @business-trip + building a platform that empowers psychedelic entrepreneurs.
Matias Serebrinsky
Early-stage investing, startup ecosystem development, business development, growth, marketing, sales in startups & growth tech companies.
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Ariel Poler
Human Augmentation investor. Founder of IPRO & @topica. Director at @strava, @neosensory, Freedom Fin, @linkexchange, @odeo, Kana, @stumbleupon. @mit @stanford.
Jessica Toy
Product Manager
Product Lead at AngelList Venture. Formerly at Airbnb, Eaze, and FR8Star (a trucking marketplace).
Zachary Ginsburg
Founder/GP at Calm Ventures
Arnaud Ferreri
Director of Engineering at Instacart
Irina Lanin
VC investor / Angel 15+years Healthcare @sanofi & @merck-co-1
Tomy Lorsch
Founder of Findasense (global digital marketing agency), founder of Oneness Ventures, Harvard Business School alumni.
Tim Sae Koo
Forever ♾ Student | Angel 😇 Investor | Startup 👨‍🏫 Mentor | Heart-Centered ❤️ Founder | Intentional 🍄 Psychonaut
Chris Kantrowitz
Founder: Gobbler Co-Founder: Mootral Managing Partner: Bicycle Day Ventures