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What We're Building

Mementuum is a sports focus start-up, with the goal of bringing transparency to live digital streaming sporting events through micro-moments.
In lure of the increasing appetite for sports consumption, We’ve develop a BETA/MVP platform, with the sole purpose of democratize sports information and use instant highlights as an extension to the “premium” packages offered by rights-holders; thus an its infrastructure could/might offer as an added value to the users who craves instant and constant information. We firmly believe that “micro-moments” have an important retention and virality in the costumers; internet and social media as dynamic information platforms had shown a new way to consume information nowadays.
Like top elite athletes and teams, we think that success comes from being one step forward, one play and even a second ahead from the competition. Therefore, while there still distributed on internet non-authorized sports content, there's a possibility to be the solution for it.

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