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What We're Building

It's the easiest way to meet someone.

You don't have to create a profile, send messages, or coordinate schedules.

Just go to your favorite places & MeetCute will help you cross paths with someone perfect for you.


1. We find someone you'll like, who will also like you back.

2. We suggest places & times for you to cross paths.

& The rest is up to you...

We show no pictures, share no information, & provide no messaging system.

It's just someone cute, who also thinks you are cute, in places where you are likely to meet-cute.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

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Daniel Marienthal
MeetCute Founder, @LAUNCH Festival Winner, Hyper Island graduate, and life more like a movie maker.

Our Investors

Bill Warner
Founder: @Avid Technology Inc., Founder: Wildfire Communications, Investor and Mentor at @Techstars Boston
Scott Heller
Angel investor with CoFlow Investing. Reformed real estate lawyer.