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Beam is a San Francisco-based mobile FinTech startup focused on reinventing your deposit account. Why does it need to be reinvented? Your bank makes 4.5%+ on every dollar you deposit with them, returning a mere 0.01% APY to you in deposit interest. The reality is that they can do more, much more.

As featured on The New York Post, Forbes, ABC, etc, Beam is a mobile bank account that pays 200x more than your average savings account, your funds are FDIC-insured with zero fee and no minimum. Come join us on a mission to change banking for the better.

Jobs at Beam

Beam Team

Karim Varela
VP of Engineering and Managing Partner at Beam, previously CTO at Coffee Meets Bagel and Director of Engineering at Tinder. MBA@UF, bachelor's in CS@UCSB.