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San Francisco · Full Time
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San Francisco
San Francisco
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What We're Building

Medium is rethinking how ideas and stories are shared with the world. We believe:

- Great ideas can come from anywhere
- People create better things together
- Design matters at a deep level

We also care deeply about how media shapes the lives of individuals and the decisions of society — and we think it can be better.

We have a world-class engineering and design team, which we are looking to grow slowly and deliberately. Let us know if you're interested.

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Evan Williams
CEO of Medium. Co-founder, Twitter, Blogger, Obvious.
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Founder at Subcast. Formerly Medium, Twitter, Google.
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Our Investors

Peter Pham
Co-Founder/Partner at @Science. Entrepreneur, Advisor. a few startups - @Photobucket, @Billshrink Always the first on the dance floor.
James Hong
Founder of, Angel Investor.
Bryan Mason
BD/M&A at Adobe, Co-founder of Typekit. Advisor to Twitter,, Adaptive Path & others. BoD at Adaptive Path. Coloradan.
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