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Simple way to request and access medical records for law firms, insurance and hospitals.

Come join our diverse team at our Queen West office space and help build a patient-owned health information marketplace that will democratize the use of health data and provide secure, compliant access to authorized organizations around the world.

What We're Building

MedChart ( is building the world’s most comprehensive health information marketplace of patient-owned, accessible, compliant, and AI powered data. Today we aggregate and store official health record data from hospitals, doctors' offices and other healthcare facilities across North America on behalf of patients, lawyers, insurers, researchers and private medicine providers. MedChart is used by North America’s top health networks, hospitals, law firms, as well as several research groups and private medicine and insurance services. In 2018 we are aggressively growing through B2B users and channel partners.

“It's awesome to find a group of people that are down to earth, passionate and ready to give it their all to grow something they truly believe in! Everyone @ medchart is talented and ready to take on the world together.”
Join the medchart team and change healthcare with an awesome group of talented people @ Toronto office & NEW Kitchener/Waterloo HQ
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Jobs at medchart

medchart Team

Derrick Chow
Co-Founder, COO @medchart. UToronto MASc Engineering
James Bateman
Founded MedChart (2015), Devra Sports (2010), Covalent Construction (2009). Also, BASc (2013), MASc (2016) University of Toronto Engineering.
Luca Gobbi
Bachelor in Computer Science from State University of Campinas, 8+ years of experience as developer including C#, .NET, MVC, Node.js, MongoDB and React.js.
Alex Hrynkiewicz
Growth @ medchart 🎯Living and breathing acquisition, conversion and growth
Alexander Davis
Building things
Juliana Doxey
Director of Clients & Services @ medchart | Passionate patient advocate and tireless social worker fostering simple and secure access to medical records for all
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Where is you office located?
In a yellow submarine under the sea. Also in Toronto and Kitchener.
Derrick Chow
COO at medchart

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