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Turn your prototypes into insights

We are a fast-growing startup, building the future of design with InVision, Marvel and Sketch — the three biggest prototyping and design companies in the world.
Over 6000 companies, startups and digital agencies are now using Maze as part of their design process to iterate quickly and effectively until their design is proven (such as Mastercard, Phillips, IBM, Electrolux, Uber, DeliveryHero...).

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What We're Building

Too many businesses are wasting insane amounts of time and money building features just to realize that the design simply doesn’t work. This leads to frustration as teams end up rebuilding features instead of implementing new ones.

We realized that there was a way to collect data much earlier in the process: performing quantitative user testing at the prototype phase to iterate quickly and effectively until your design is proven.

This is why we created Maze: turn your prototypes into insights from real users!

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Jonathan Widawski
Founder & CEO at Maze, former Lead UX at BAM/Theodo
Thomas Mary
Founder & CTO at Maze
Jolanta Gil
Experienced digital product designer and UX with a passion for designing engaging and well-crafted products.
Elena Luchita
Marketing & content at Maze. Investors

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