Matt Voigt

Co-founder / Chief Instigator @ 3x entrepreneur: software, real estate, healthcare. Like heights. Love people. Enjoy creating things.

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What I Do

I enjoy identifying large opportunities with complex problems, then working with a team of motivated people to create simple, elegant solutions.


Applied for first patent at 17. Went to school on academic scholarship, then spent 2 years in bus dev during web 1.0. Changed industries and built healthcare staffing company from scratch to six-figure revenue in one year. Followed by $13M of real estate development over five years. Followed by bootstrapping web-turned-mobile app that was just featured by Apple.

I don't mind risk with significant potential for upside. I come from modest roots and have worked hard for my accomplishments. I feel strongly about giving back. I enjoy climbing mountains (literally and figuratively) and am outside whenever possible.