Matt Talbot

CEO/Co-Founder at @GoSpotCheck, Graduate of @Bucknell, Former J&J Finance & Analytics

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What I Do

CEO at @GoSpotCheck responsible for setting strategy, leading team, and financing. Background in corporate finance, J&J alum (Finance Leadership Program), former Art Center Board member & marketing chair


- Graduate of the J&J Finance Leadership Development Program where I was exposed to many different areas of the business, including R&D project valuations, marketing finance, supply chain, and business analytics. Moved quickly through the ranks and was recognized as a top performer. Responsible for building financial model and forecasts for $1b+ pharma brand
- Launched the J&J Volunteer Leadership program for placing business leaders on non-profit boards. Attracted hundreds of applicants, secured funding, organized all class sessions
- Board member and marketing chair and The Center for Contemporary Art in NJ, led a full re-branding and leadership change out. Responsible for driving all aspects of branding, advertising, and web presence.
- Teaching Assistant for Management 101 (entrepreneurship) and 300 level entrepreneurship course at @Bucknell. Responsible for helping students as they launched real revenue generating businesses that funded local non-profit projects