What We're Building

We are trying to democratize the power of Machine Learning and make it accessible for all the enthusiasts and people who don't want to spend weeks and months on understanding different algorithms and train a computer.
Mateverse is a Machine learning (ML) Platform for dummies and enthusiasts who want to get a first hand experience of building custom ML models, without a single line of code via chat-bot based interface, saving an enormous amount of time.
(i) An interactive interface pre-loaded with machine learning algorithms.
(ii) Anyone, whether they be a developer, a business or a normal consumer, can use the chat interface to train a bot to do the work for them. Maybe you would like to create an image recognition model for fashion. Now you can, as simply as having a conversation.

We’ve simply brought down 4 months of extensive self study to under 5 minutes of human to bot interaction.

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Jobs at Mate Labs

Mate Labs Team

Rahul Vishwakarma
Founder Mate • Studied at @MANIT-Bhopal Machine Learning and Deep Learning; Quantum Mechanics and Growth Hack
Kailash Ahirwar
Co-founder at Mate Labs | Democratising AI/ML/DL. Machine Learning and Deep Learning Enthusiast.
Abhishek Surendran
Devops Engineer
Ritesh S
Interested in investing in crypto startups.
Amith Ganesh
I am a technology addict and have been working in Talent Acquisition space for about 2 years now and I adore it!
Neha Singh
Actively looking for opportunities in Marketing. Have experience creating content and marketing for two startups.
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Mate Labs Investors

Sachin Unni
Angel @Savya, Executive Director @Impact Analytics , Angel & Mentor @Mate Labs , VP @Zeroth.ai , Angel @Bon, Co-Founder @Staytuned , Co-Founder @Styleroofs

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