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Tech Platform for the Cannabis Community

∙ We are one of the leaders in an exciting, quickly moving, and brand new industry, estimated to grow from a 1.8 billion to 35 billion in market size over the next five years. ∙ We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to affect real change through mobilizing our community and accelerating pro-legalization reforms nationwide and eventually worldwide. ∙ We are working hard to create one of the first household names in cannabis. ∙ You get to step on a weed-filled rocket ship at the right time. As you are reading this, we are adding top talent from all over the country to join us on our mission. ∙ We have stellar investors and advisors both from the cannabis and tech industries. ∙ Our brand new headquarters is in the heart of downtown Denver. Think Silicon Valley in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Read More
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What We're Building

MassRoots is one of the largest and most active social networks for the cannabis community with over 900,000 users, 170 million user-to-user interactions, and 500 actively posting dispensaries. People use the MassRoots app on IOS and Android to find smoking buddies, share their cannabis experiences with like-minded friends, and stay connected with local dispensaries.

MassRoots was founded under the belief that a future where humans can freely experience the positive effects of cannabis is fundamentally better than one in which we cannot. Today, MassRoots is actively fostering the community and developing the technologies to make this future a reality, with the ultimate goal of worldwide cannabis legalization.

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Tyler Knight
Co-Founder of MassRoots, the Social Network for the Cannabis Community
Hyler Fortier
Co-Founder of MassRoots, the Social Network for the Cannabis Community
Stewart Fortier
Co-Founder @MassRoots (Ticker: MSRT) • Optimist.
Kevin Shiuan
Product Manager (Mobile, Web, Analytics)
Dan Hunt
Worked at @MassRoots
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Our Investors

Steve Markowitz
Founding chairman/CEO; led $46MM IPO & $211MM secondary (^market cap $2.3BB). Angel & entrepreneur. Crazy enough to think we can change the world!
Max Burger
@Harvard Business School class of 81, BCG,1987 - 2009 apax partners,2009 co owner of a FMCG business with global foot print,active angel investor in europe, Asia and US
Stewart Fortier
Co-Founder @MassRoots (Ticker: MSRT) • Optimist.
Douglas Leighton
Doug is co-founder and a principal partner of Dutchess Capital, which has managed an investment portfolio of over $2 billion in transactional value.
Keith Ubben
Serial entrepreneur & investor/advisor in beer/cannabis companies.
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