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Bringing offline A/B testing to the masses

What We're Building

At MarketDial we're building software that enables companies to design and execute business experiments. Our users are large retail enterprises with significant offline presence but which lack tools that help them measure the impact of business initiatives the same way that online A/B testing tools (e.g., Optimizely) enable. We enable marketers to know the true ROI of a promotion, product teams to see the impact of their creations, and operations managers to identify successful training initiatives--all via business experiments run on MarketDial’s platform.

Open Positions


Morgan Davis
CEO at MarketDial, previously at Kickstartfund and BCG
Johnny Stoddard
Co-founder Founder and Chief Data Scientist at MarketDial. Former McKinsey consultant. Northwestern University masters in predictive analytics.
Joseph Turner
Co-Founder MarketDial; Co-Founder TaskEasy; Lead Product Manager Raytheon;Jack of All Trades Startup Style

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